The digital transformation company
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Why edux?

Business experience: you are working exclusively with entrepreneurs and senior business executives with impressive track records in the digital world. We are experienced and pragmatic in collaboration with SMEs and Startups.

Digital Knowledge: we have a holistic, deep and practical knowledge of the digital economy and a structured approach to address the complex theme of digital transformation.

Connected in the digital ecosystem: we have a broad network of partners enabling a quick setup of virtual teams and access to digital experts in all relevant domains of the digitalisation. We are partner and shareholder of Parato (, the leading digitalisation network for SMEs.

Making it happen: we are not just consultants, we take responsibility to make your digital journey a success.

Success and risk sharing: we believe in what we are doing. We seek for longterm partnerships and would like to share risks and opportunities with our clients. Therefore we are ready to take a part of our remuneration as a success fee or in equity.