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Value proposition edux

Enable companies to be successful in a digital world

edux Mission is simple: enable companies to be successful in a digital world. We are focused on working with SMEs and startups in a pragmatic and result oriented way. We work projects with our clients on the 4 key issues:

  1. Understand digitalisation exactly and the underlying drivers and trends
  2. Understand the impact of digitalisation on your industry and your business
  3. Develop your digital transformation plan
  4. Execution of the digital transformation plan


These questions need to be addressed in a structured process involving all key business stakeholders. In this process it is useful to use the edux digitalization framework . This framework allows a structured discussion about all the elements from a business and digitalization perspective. This process can be applied in a comprehensive top-down approach or in a more pragmatic bottom-up approach, depending on the specific challenges and  business situation. In either approach it is important to look at the digitalization in a holistic view and to understand the connection between the different components of the digitalization strategy connecting the digital dots“.

Collaborative team approach between senior executives 

What is important to us: we work together with our clients in a collaborative team approach between senior executives in order to combine your specific business knowledge and our digital economy experience in the best way. In a complex world you only can develop simple solutions by combining expert knowledge in a solid teamwork. 

The 10 principles for a successful digital transformation are described in the edux digitalization White Paper.